Predict 2016 Contest

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 September 1, 2016

We recently invited visitors to our blog to submit their presidential election predictions for our “Predict 2016” contest. The contest winner will be the pundit who predicts both the presidential election and Ohio race and is the closest to the final tally in Electoral Votes.

– Blog Editor

                                                                       Presidency    Ohio            Winner’s EV

Jacob Aldridge, Australia                    Clinton             Clinton             369

Manish Arora, Los Angeles                  Clinton             Clinton             280

Taylor Gee, Washington, D.C.             Clinton             Clinton             348

Kathy Giles, Roseville, CA                   Predicts Trump won’t participate in debates.  Will claim they are “rigged.”

Bob Jensen, Coupeville, WA               Clinton             Trump             368

Chuck Lara, North Carolina                 Trump             Trump              439

Editor’s Note: Chuck Lara was the only pundit in this special contest to pick both the presidency and the Ohio winner correctly.  Congratulations, Chuck!


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